Transformer Winding Machine


Winding Machine Product Description:

1. Suitable for all kinds of hollow coils, ballasts of the system, large, large, longer coil and transformers. The


Product Specifications:

Diameter (mm): 1.5 or less (can be customized);

Maximum revolutions (rpm): 1500r / min;

Number of windings: 1;

Spindle motor: servo 1500W / 1 set;

Winding width (mm): 240MM;

Cable motor: Servo 400W

Cable width (mm): 500MM;

Net weight (kg): 240KG

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product features:

1. Dual servo configuration, touch screen input, energy saving, easy to operate, maintenance-free;

2. In the middle of the winding can be about to correct the position of the cable head, more convenient for special coil or high-precision coil winding system;

3. Can be three groups of coils around the same time, and to achieve precision winding, also known as array winding, easy to achieve three lines at the same time across the slot,

4. Multi-function microcomputer design, data set easy, and shut down to save the information;

5. Special anti-power-down function, a sudden power can be saved when the step winding data will not be lost, after the boot can continue to work before the information;

6. Special function design, can help from the point and width of the location to find;

7.0-999 set of steps to set the capacity, servo motor cable, precision, smooth, easy to set is reversing, dense winding work;

8. Desktop desktop structure, high mechanical strength, thick wire winding performance is good, tension tailstock slide design, clamping the workpiece quickly and steadily;

9. Magnetic damping tensioner design, through the magnetic size to control the winding tension, tension smooth, neat lines, high efficiency.



Regularly add monthly lubricants to the bearing position, the normal power supply and power, keep the controller dry, the machine placed position ventilation