Side dual - axis dual - screen precision inductance winding machine


Product Name: Side dual - axis dual - screen precision inductance winding machine

Product Type: F-TW200CN

Product Description:

Suitable for all types of automotive solenoid valve, electromagnet, sewing electromagnet, hydraulic solenoid valve, and other precision coil.

product features:

1. Precision automatic inductance winding machine capable of simulating the manual cable system. This automatic winding system forms the closed-loop fine-tuning production process through the real-time detection device and the cable and winding system, and can correct the cable and the winding at multiple times The cumulative difference generated in the winding system to complete such as the car solenoid valve, automotive motors and other electromagnetic coil of the whole winding around the system, to get rid of such coils rely on artificial cable production inefficient unstable factors, the unique car relay coil leaving the lead slot Cable technology, you can automatically complete the car relay series of close and stay slot coil.

2. Strong mechanical guide rod tailstock, reasonable design, easy to use.

3. Special function design, servo motor cable automatically adjust, not affected by the width and diameter deformation; cable precision and beautiful, better electromagnetic properties, magnetic leakage, low heat, save more obvious!

4. Full servo configuration, environmental protection and energy saving

5. Multi-function NC control, touch screen display input, data settings easier, shutdown permanent preservation of information; stable performance superior


Product Specifications:

Diameter (mm): 1.0 or less (customizable);

Maximum number of revolutions (rpm): 3000;

Number of windings: 2;

Spindle motor: servo 1500W / 1 set;

Winding width (mm): 120MM;

Cable motor: Servo 400W / 2 sets

Cable width (mm): 145MM;

Net weight (kg): 230KG



Regularly add monthly lubricants to the bearing position, the normal power supply and power, keep the controller dry, the machine placed position ventilation