Selection of automatic CNC winding machine precautions

Most electrical products need to use enameled copper wire (referred to as enameled wire) around the induction inductance coil, you can use the winding machine to complete processing. Now manufacturers of inductance winding machine to talk about you, buy automatic CNC winding machine should pay attention to what the problem. (1) whether the automatic CNC winding machine to meet the functional needs, whether to achieve the desired movement, whether to meet the requirements of users.

(2) whether the automatic CNC Winding Machine is good economy, try to reduce costs, should ensure reliability, try to save energy, simple structure, high efficiency.
(3) automatic CNC winding machine is easy to operate, safe and reliable for easy maintenance.
(4) ergonomic, handsome in appearance, easy to pack and transport.
(5) in the process, should pay attention to the manufacturing and assembly of parts and components, to minimize its complexity to ensure that the needs of the function to meet the premise of minimizing costs, the choice of materials, heat treatment, precision level, processing means and The equipment should be reasonable.
The above is to buy automatic CNC winding machine need to pay attention to the problem, we hope to help. Finally, inductors winding machine manufacturers to remind you that the supplier to the user in addition to a set of performance-rich equipment, there should be a corresponding manual and maintenance of the manual.
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