Automatic winding machine is suitable for winding which coil

Automatic winding machine is developed in recent years, the new models to meet the high efficiency, high yield requirements. Automatic winding machine applicability is very strong, you can only winding a variety of coils. Automatic winding machine Scope: electronic toy coil, electronic watch coil, electronic gift coil, electronic lock induction coil, mobile phone vibration motor coil, animal ear tag induction coil, headphones and speakers with a variety of voice coil, card reader coil ID / IC automatic coin device coil, camera coil, digital camera zoom coil, laser head coil, special head coil, wireless electromagnetic mouse and mouse pad coil, automatic coin device coil, hearing aid coil, attendance machine coil, A solar rotary table coil, a solar swing coil, a coin detector coil, and a brushless flat motor coil.

Automatic winding machine selection of vertical and horizontal, multi-function CNC control, touch screen display input, the exclusive research and development of the exclusive program operating winding, from the width and diameter error, four working axes were cable, while winding, efficiency High, pass rate of 98% or more.
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