Important thing to say three times

Dongguan City, vertical and horizontal Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. located in the electronics industry in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, specializing in the production of automatic winding machine, winding machine, and other winding machine equipment, is a collection of science and technology, industry, trade integration of modern enterprises, Has a high-quality technology, business, management personnel, with modern equipment, with a strong production, scientific research, marketing capabilities.


The company specializes in the production: automatic winding machine, automatic precision winding machine, automatic production line, the honeycomb coil, the vehicle electromagnetic coil, ring winding machine and various non-standard winding machine, patented closely spaced control technology Let you more efficient, more beautiful, more high quality to complete all kinds of precision winding. The company has engaged in winding machine for many years, with rich practical experience of senior engineers, at any time for users to solve problems. Series winding machine single-chip automatic control, high precision machining, high efficiency. Since the products on the market, with its stable quality, cost-effective, popular at home and abroad, won praise customers.

Is due to the development needs of the company as follows:


Assembly technician (both male and female)

description of job
The following are the same as the "
1, good health, strong sense of responsibility, work seriously, obey the management of 18-25 years old;

2, hands-on ability, flexible thinking can be completed independently according to the mechanical components of the assembly tasks and assembly processes (drilling, tapping, grinding)

3, more than one year of mechanical assembly work experience, familiar with the assembly process, can read the parts and assembly plans, automated non-standard equipment assembly and commissioning experience priority

  4, secondary and above, mechanical design and manufacturing or mechanical and electrical integration of professional priority

  5, to understand the working principle of electrical circuits, can independently complete the distribution, installation, commissioning priority

  6, to understand Solidworks and daily software operation priority


Purchaser (female)

description of job

1 experience in mechanical plant procurement more than 1 year,

 2. Have good communication skills, coordination skills, familiar with the procurement process, has a wealth of material management and cost control experience,

3. Familiar with the experience of purchasing mechanical parts standard parts. Electrical, hydraulic, electrical, transmission accessories, hardware, steel, sheet and other materials.

Understand ERP

5. Manage daily procurement documents, record the progress of procurement

6. Familiar with the mechanical processing technology, can understand the relevant processing drawings are preferred


Cost accounting (female, locals)

description of job

 1, in accordance with the national accounting law, in the company's financial director of the guidance, under the supervision of the bill to do a good job accounting work.

2, under the supervision of the financial manager of the financial accounting, planning, control work, the preparation of various financial statements, the organization of the company's daily accounting work, identify problems and timely reporting to the relevant leaders.

3, conscientiously implement the accounting system, on time to do a good job accounting, accounting, reimbursement work, truthfully reflect the company's financial activities, so complete procedures, the content is true, accurate data, accounts clear, reported on schedule.

4, responsible for the company costs, sales costs and profit accounting

5, regularly check the current accounts, timely settlement of accounts receivable payable

6, the proper custody of financial books, accounting statements and accounting information, conservative financial secrets.

7, according to the requirements of the company leadership, a reasonable plan to use funds, at any time to control, to provide funding to the implementation of the analysis and assessment, in order to facilitate the company to take measures to ensure the effective use of funds.

8, keep all the financial documents, in accordance with the provisions of the various accounting information, regular collection, review, check, organize the volume, compile the directory, bound into a book and properly kept to prevent the loss of damage.

9, the completion of other tasks delivered by the company leadership.